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To Buy Or Not To Buy- NBA Live/NBA 2K

As a long-time supporter of the NBA Live and NBA 2K franchise, I have a tough decision to make in the fall. PS3 and XBOX 360 will release the new brand of 2K, but not NBA Live. The new Live series seems to be going ...READ MORE

call of duty black ops 2 Uprising DLC

 the uprising DLC for black ops 2 is a great add on for black ops 2 multiplayer and zombies modes. you get 4 new multiplayer maps good for any range game play. The new zombie map is one of the best zombie maps to date ...READ MORE

CYC C-210 2.1 Multimedia Speakers

The CYC C-210 Speaker are an affordable speaker system for your PC. Let’s crank up the volume and test CYC claims of the awesome sound quality of the speaker’s.

CYC C-210: Design

The CYC has optimized amplifier design, giving it higher sound quality and brilliant ...READ MORE


Smart Phones

We use cell phones every day, and most people have some sort of a smart phone. These smart phones allow us to remain in constant contact with others, and allow us to waste time. We waste valuable time every day by spending hours on Facebook, ...READ MORE


For several years I have wanted a longer necklace for several of my charms. For a variety of reasons have just not found the right chain at the right price. However, for Christmas I got a new chain which is perfect. It’s casual, the right ...READ MORE

Running Armband for IPhone

In the past six months I’ve taken up running, and have used a variety of cases, pouches to carry my IPhone. Absolutely can’t run without music AND I like to track my runs so I need my IPhone for both the music and my running ...READ MORE