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To Buy Or Not To Buy- NBA Live/NBA 2K

As a long-time supporter of the NBA Live and NBA 2K franchise, I have a tough decision to make in the fall. PS3 and XBOX 360 will release the new brand of 2K, but not NBA Live. The new Live series seems to be going for the new era of digital plat-forming games. Sounds great, right? Well, no actually. There is a bit of a problem surrounding the release of the games. They both will also release on PS4 and XBOX 360. As a die-hard supporter of the Play Station, I will buy the PS4. However, I come to a tough decision on whether to wait and buy NBA 2K14 when the new PS4 comes out. I’m going to buy the new NBA Live regardless. I just don’t know if I can wait two months to play NBA 2K14 on the PS4. I would be spending twice the money if I bought the game on PS3 & PS4. The decision comes down to on how much I really want to play the game when it is first released. Stay tuned till my decision in October.